Tariff Updates

Effect of the Tariffs for VIP

As many of you may know, China and the United States are locked in an ongoing trade

war as each country has imposed tariffs on goods traded between each other. At the

moment, a 90 day truce is in place. However, in September, a 10% tariff on $200 billion

worth of goods from China was put into place. Unfortunately, these tariffs have directly

affected some of our products. We wanted to make you aware of a change that VIP

has been forced to make. Effective immediately, we have instituted a slight price

increase of about 6-7% on select items. Please be aware that this price increase is only for the items impacted by the 10% tariff.

These price increases will be effective 12/04/18 and will only impact orders placed on

items from this time forward.

We understand the difficulties that might arise from these price increases but want to let

you know that we truly value our relationship with you and appreciate your

understanding in this matter. VIP is committed to providing our customers with the best in

home decor products as well as outstanding customer service.


U.S. Companies Feel the Pinch as Tariff Costs Start to Mount

Some importers may be able to persuade their foreign suppliers to cut prices enough to offset the cost, others may pass on the higher costs to customers

By Josh Zumbrun

Dec. 7, 2018 6:01 a.m. ET

American companies that import products are paying record amounts in customs duties as more tariffs imposed by the Trump administration take effect.

Tariff collections topped $5 billion in October, according to data from the Treasury Department and from Census Bureau data analyzed and released by Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, a lobbying coalition of manufacturing, farming and technology groups. Read More from the Wall Street Journal...